Craving delicious baked beans?

British style baked beans

As a British expat, living in Ecuador, I occasionally get a craving for baked beans on toast.

Sadly, our local supermarket doesn’t stock much in the way of British produce. 

Undeterred, I set about trying to find a recipe that would give me a taste of home, comfort food for those times when I get a little nostalgic.

For those of you who don’t know my story, I arrived here with Ron, my partner, some twelve years ago. We loved the city of Cuenca and have made it home. 

In that time the city has grown bringing with the increase in population a much more cosmopolitan mix of Americans and Europeans. This is also reflected in the food now available in both the supermarkets and local shops.

A particular favourite of mine is the panaderia, Primitivo. Only a mile away, it’s a lovely morning’s walk along the river to buy our week’s supply of sourdough bagels and loaves.

The only thing missing is a tangy cheddar cheese to grate over the top of these delicious baked beans.



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