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Monte Suenos

Monte Suenos – Writers’ Retreat

Six of us set out from Cuenca for Vilcabamba on a wet Saturday morning. The monotony of the four-and-a-half-hour journey by minibus was broken by much storytelling, laughter and, of course, a stop for lunch at one of the many roadside restaurants along the way. Franny, the leader of our…


One Day – a street dog’s story

One Day - a street dog's story It’s been a cold night. I can’t control the shivering that wracks my body. My bones ache as I pull myself from the hollow that’s been my home for the last few months.             I stretch, first one way, then the other, easing…


Who says great grandmothers can’t backpack?

I'm off to India! India? Why when you're approaching the grand old age of 75? I hear you ask. As with China, (read about my adventures in No More Cups of Tea), India is a country I've always wanted to visit. I remember listening, fascinated, to my grandmother's stories about…