Two Backpacks

Mount Bromo

Chapter 1 - Our adventure begins

          Our travel adventure begins in Perth, Western Australia, where Ron and I have been living together for the last two years.

          We’ve decided to leave Perth in March 2009. It gives us six months to get the necessary jabs (or jags, as Ron called them); work out our company notices and cancel the rental of our home. We’ve also got the mammoth task of putting all our possessions into secure storage.

            We plan a holiday in Bali for three weeks before flying to China. After that, we have no plans; we’ll see where life takes us, whether it’s a chance to meet with fellow travellers or an airfare too good to pass up.

            By the end of February, we are almost ready. Shirley and Bernie offer to put us up once we hand back the keys to our rental. All that is left is to buy a backpack (Ron has taken possession of my old one) and try to cram all we need for our travel adventure into the two bags.

            We both have small shoulder packs which are light enough to take on a plane as hand luggage. Into these, we pack our laptops, a means of researching locations and transportation for our trip.

            Ron has thoughtfully downloaded some movies onto our portable hard drives. We also pack a mobile phone for use in the UK, an iPod, headphones and essential paperwork. This includes our passports and information on hostels and flights I’ve booked and printed out.

            Our large backpacks hold lightweight clothing, waterproof jackets, flip-flops and essential toiletries. We reason we can buy anything we need along the way at a much lower price than in Perth.

            On the day of our departure, Shirley insists on driving Ron and me to the airport, claiming it gives us a few more minutes together.

            ‘Stay in touch, won’t you? Promise!’ Shirley demands as we stand together in front of the departure gate.

            ‘Of course! You know I will.’ I put my arms around her and give her an enormous hug.

            As I pull away, I know I’ll miss my friend, but new adventures beckon. Ron and I are about to begin our journey around the world!